Hollister and Dansac Support 10th World Ostomy Awareness Day

Hollister and Dansac Support 10th World Ostomy Awareness Day

World Ostomy Day is celebrated around the globe every three years and this year, October 2nd  2021, marked the 10th time this special event was held.

Hollister and Dansac were proud to be part of the conversation again this year, to help raise awareness about this life saving surgery. Importantly to help provide a platform and support for people living with a stoma and their carers, enabling ongoing dignity and better quality of life.

This year Hollister and Dansac hosted a panel discussion with four people that have had very different circumstances, leading to their stoma. The panelists shared their stories and how they continue to live their individual life’s to bring more awareness to the global community. You can watch the conversation here.

Among the many activities hosted globally, Dansac also captured a collection of short videos from Dansac supporters, sharing how stoma surgery has changed their lives for the better.  Listen to what they have to say.

Many people also posted images via Instagram to show support and jump into the conversation around World Ostomy Day. Have a look at some of these images at the hashtags for Dansac and Hollister.