My bowel went septic on 27th of December 2016 and I first underwent surgery to form a colostomy at Rockhampton Base Hospital in Queensland. They tried three times to make the colostomy work but unfortunately it kept failing and I had to have a hose put in my colostomy as an attempt to drain it. I was transferred to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital in Queensland and they removed the drain and I underwent surgery resulting in the formation of an ileostomy in February 2017.

On 28th February, I was transported back to Rockhampton Base Hospital and was finally on my way home on 6th March.

I have had no problems with my ileostomy. Since coming home, there has been no end to the trouble with the old colostomy site. For five weeks, it was being dressed every day by blue nurses and my stoma nurse once a week. The next thing I know, the colostomy site started to push out blood and faeces and now I have to wear a bag over that site. This is frustrating as it has been occurring for 2 months now.


For Tania, deciding to have an ileostomy has allowed her to return to doing the things she loves best.


Emily is thankful for her surgeon and her stoma because she is alive.


Heather has been living with a colostomy and ileostomy since 2017.


One week after Grant's 60th birthday he was diagnosed with cancer.